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The IOC has its priorities straight

The IOC has their panties wadded up because the Canadian women’s hockey team celebrated winning the gold medal by smoking cigars and drinking beer on the ice, after fans had left the arena.


Two words for the IOC: shut the fuck up.

Good to know that the IOC is more concerned about people having a private celebration in an empty arena than they are about the giant tube of ice that has turns where the lugers fly off at 85 mph and smash face-first into steel girders.

Good thing this is a bigger priority than steroids and blood doping; some of the “women” in these games have upside-down space shuttles in their fucking spandex for Christ sakes.

Good thing this is a bigger deal than judges rigging subjective events like figure skating so the “favorites” (handjob givers?) do better regardless of whether their performance is any good or not. That’s not a sport, it’s fucking kabuki theater with hissy fits and male leg shaving.

Gilbert Felli sounds like the kind of guy whose burps sound suspiciously like queefs because he is a blubbering gash who has to put a tampon in his mouth five days a month.

I actually hope the IOC tries to sanction the Canadians for this; let’s see if these pudding-dicked bureaucrats can get to the airport alive after pissing off an entire country of the most passionate hockey fans on Earth. The Gilbert Felli 1000 meter dash through Vancouver International Airport while Bob Probert tries to scalp him with a hockey skate…now THERE’S a winter Olympic event worth watching.


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