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JetBlue flight attendant quits by verbally assaulting the entire plane over the intercom, then grabs two beers and exits down the inflatable emergency slide:


What a terrific mess. The cast, in order of importance:

1. Passenger – What kind of sociopath cracks somebody in the melon with their luggage, and instead of apologizing tells the guy to FUCK OFF?!? I’ll tell you what kind: the best fucking kind.

We need people like this working as foreign diplomats. “Oh, your pathetic country just got flooded back to the Stone Age because all of your buildings are made out of dried donkey poop and bendy straws? And after years of giving money and weapons to people that we are fighting in a war, now you want money and supplies from us? Let me put you on hold; I’ve got to slice this bread lengthwise before I can crap in it.”

2. Flight Attendant – Nothing more to say really. Just a world class “F You, I Quit” executed with style.

3. JetBlue – Nice job waiting 25 minutes to let anybody know what the hell was going on. It’s not like we’ve had any recent history with airline terrorism in this country, so feel free to finish that iced tea and spend a few minutes reflecting before calling the police.

I also like the statement “At no time was the security or safety of our customers or crewmembers at risk”….yet the guy is being charged with reckless endangerment.

4. Wall St Journal – Good lord, what a horribly written article. Sean Gardiner’s writing toolkit: one Speak ‘n Spell, a refrigerator magnet poetry starter kit, and a bottle of Jim Beam. Go ahead and count how many times some variation of “the official said” appears in that story.

Good call running that photo of an American Airlines plane to illustrate that JetBlue was the company involved in this incident. Anyone with two fingers and access to Google Images could’ve done better than that in about 12 seconds.

Let’s end this with another virtuoso quitting performance:


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